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KrishiBal mobile app provides crop disease detection technology to farmers on their finger tips. For any queries contact us at

Keep Your Plants Healthy

Krishibal provides a very cost effective way to detect diseases on plants and obtain solutions on the same. With our growing database of plants and diseases we are able to detect crop diseases 99% correctly. Also get detailed analysis reports of the fields and on demand experts to asses your crops easily.

Powered By Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a technology which enables us to detect diseases in the crop images. We have applied it to not only detect diseases but also to provide optimal solutions. In the long run we plan to integrate information from other sources such as weather data and field test reports, that will enable us to accurately predict the crop production and make the process of farming more efficient.

Application of deep learning is going to change the way farming is done and is going to help farmers be well informed and perform farming tasks efficiently.

Simple to use

To use krishibal is very simple you just need a smartphone to download the app form the app store. Once its done, detect diseases for a wide variety of crops by just a clicking an image of the affected area.

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Disease Detection

Just click a picture of the affected area of the crop and detect the disease accecting the crop with upto 99% certainty.

Disease Management

We provide solutions from our database of carefully crafted solutions by experts in the field of crop disease treatment.

Solution Availability

Get the nearest seller of the available solution from our curated official sellors based on your location data.

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